Kutch IT Consultancy is a start-up IT consulting and cutting-edge technology solutions company offering innovative business solutions and services through Consulting, Digital Transformation, DevOps, Salesforce, Cloud and Web Solutions to our esteemed customers across the globe. Kutch IT Consultancy was founded by a small team of subject matter experts with various knowledge and masteries in the IT field.

Kutch IT Consultancy’s approach to success is to understand the desired outcome with the tools, data, source, breadth and possibilities. We know AWS tools, we know data and we know how to execute with the combination of cultural philosophies, practices and tools like EC2, S3, Aurora, ECS, Code Build, AWS AutoScaling that increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity – evolving and improving products at a faster pace than organizations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes. This speed enables organizations to better serve their customers and compete more effectively in the market.

Kutch IT Consultancy specializes in .NET and Salesforce that ranges from Implementation, Customization, Integration, Upgrade, Roll-out, Production Support & Reporting. We deal with a strong pool of consultants who possess Functional & Technical expertise in .NET technologies related to Inventory and Asset Management, Finance (Fintech), Insurance, Website Portfolios. We also have expertise in Systems Administration with expertise in User and Systems Management, Cloud Apps and Deployment.

Service Offerings:

✔ IT Consulting & Services
✔ Digital Transformation
✔ DevOps
✔ Salesforce
✔ PHP, WordPress, Drupal, .NET
✔ Active Directory Setup and Systems Configuration Center Management for Windows Server
✔ Microsoft 365, Cloud Services, Email Server setup via Exchange Online, User Management via Azure Active Directory
✔ APIs and Integration

Let Kutch IT Consultancy support your organization and experience the advantage of Kutch IT Consultancy! Reach us at contactus@kitcph.com

Website: https://www.kitcph.com
Phone: +6399266541130
Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting
Company size: 5 consultants
Headquarters: Marikina, Metro Manila, Philippines
Founded: 2022
Specialties: IT Solutions, .NET, PHP, Drupal, WordPress, Salesforce, Agile Development, System Administration using Active Directory and SCCM, Microsoft 365.