Which Is One Result of the Us Colombia Free Trade Agreement

    The US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement: Boosting Exports and Fostering Economic Growth

    The US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement (FTA), signed back in 2012, is a landmark deal that has brought forth numerous benefits to both countries. The agreement eliminated tariffs on most exports and opened up new avenues for trade and investment. With Colombia being one of the largest economies in Latin America, the FTA has played a significant role in boosting exports and fostering economic growth in both countries.

    One of the most significant results of the US-Colombia FTA is the significant increase in US exports to Colombia. Since its enactment, US exports to the country have grown by over 20%, reaching a record $14.3 billion in 2019. The agreement has opened up new markets for US goods, ranging from agricultural products like wheat, soybeans, and beef to industrial machinery, chemicals, and automotive parts.

    On the other hand, Colombia has also benefitted from the FTA. The agreement has enabled the country to diversify its exports and increase its access to the US market – one of the largest in the world. Colombian exports to the US have also seen significant growth, with non-oil exports increasing by over 30% since the agreement`s implementation. In 2019, Colombia exported over $12 billion worth of goods to the US, including coffee, coal, flowers, and textiles.

    Moreover, the FTA has created opportunities for both countries to attract more foreign investment. By eliminating barriers to trade and ensuring a stable and transparent business environment, the agreement has made it easier for US and Colombian companies to invest in each other`s markets. This has resulted in increased investments in various sectors, including energy, manufacturing, and services.

    Another result of the US-Colombia FTA is that it has helped to strengthen the political and economic ties between both countries. The agreement has promoted cooperation and dialogue between the governments, creating a platform for ongoing negotiation and collaboration. This has resulted in the development of strategic partnerships in key areas such as security, education, and cultural exchange.

    In conclusion, the US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement has had a significant impact on both countries` economies, boosting exports, fostering economic growth, and creating new opportunities for trade and investment. With the agreement still in force, the future looks bright for US and Colombian businesses, with plenty of potential for further growth and development.