New Withdrawal Agreement Changes

    The United Kingdom has finally left the European Union, and a new withdrawal agreement has been put into place. This agreement includes several changes, and it`s important to understand them if you`re a business owner or individual who is planning to travel to or from the UK.

    One of the most significant changes is the introduction of the EU Settlement Scheme. This scheme allows EU citizens who are already living in the UK to apply for settled status, which will allow them to remain in the UK indefinitely. This scheme also applies to family members of EU citizens, such as spouses and children.

    Another change that has been introduced is the new visa system for non-EU citizens. Under the new system, individuals from non-EU countries will need to apply for a visa before they can visit or work in the UK. The visa application process will be based on points, with points awarded for factors such as qualifications, language skills, and job offers.

    The withdrawal agreement also includes provisions for trade. The UK and the EU have agreed to a free trade agreement, which means that there will be no tariffs or quotas on goods traded between the two entities. However, businesses will need to comply with new rules and regulations related to customs and VAT.

    One of the biggest changes that individuals are likely to notice is the end of free movement. This means that EU citizens will no longer be able to live and work in the UK without a visa. Similarly, UK citizens will no longer have automatic rights to live and work in EU countries.

    It`s important to be aware of these changes and to understand how they will impact you or your business. If you`re an EU citizen living in the UK, it`s recommended that you apply for settled status as soon as possible. Similarly, if you`re a UK citizen planning to travel or work in the EU, you should familiarize yourself with the new visa requirements.

    Overall, the new withdrawal agreement changes are significant, and they will impact many individuals and businesses. However, with careful planning and preparation, it`s possible to navigate these changes successfully and continue to thrive in the new post-Brexit world.